Hot AF! This Spanish Statue Restoration Fail Looks Sexy To Us, At Least

by Mad Dog

PALENCIA, SPAIN — Attracted to big hunks of rock with weird, deformed faces? We have just the statue for you. In whats being called the ‘Potato Head’ of Palencia, an artist absolutely botched a restoration on this historic statue, and the results are incredibly sexy in our opinion.

[Photo via Antonio Guzman Capel]

Yeah, you’re gonna want to put your browser on Icognito mode to look at this hot piece of granite ass!

Okay what happened?

Basically, this statue that was first erected (ha!) in 1923 was due for some much needed restoration. The people who were charged with restoring the beautiful art didn’t exactly do a great job, and people are getting very, very pissed off about it.

You know what, if you guys think that she’s so ugly, how about you let us have her, then? She would look great next to our other statue of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Two gorgeous statues, two gorgeous pieces of art. We’re tired of people having such insane standards of beauty for what a statue should look like. The fact that people are even turning rocks into faces is pretty amazing, if you really think about it.

Is more oversight the answer?

In Spain, a number of artists and statue lovers are calling for tighter guidelines on how statue restorations occur. But is this really the answer?

No way. We think that people should learn to love all statues, regardless of how they look. Statues have never been about aesthetic beauty, they’ve been about rocks. And we’ll take rocks any way that we can get our hands on ’em.

I am sexually attracted to the statue, what do I do?

Nothing. That is a-okay and makes total sense. Keep on doing you and don’t let anyone shame you into thinking this statue isn’t sexy.