Humane Society Will Let You Live Out Fantasy Of Peeing On Your Ex

by Gorman
cat revenge

Breakups are tough, but now animal activists are coming up with solutions to get you through those post-split blues. According to a story from NBC affiliate lex18 in Kentucky “For a $10 donation, the Lexington Humane Society will write your ex’s name on one of their litter boxes, and their cats will literally poop on them.” It’s the latest in a trend of desperate attempts from companies to get you to part with your money.

The copy on this bad boy is pretty spectacular, though. A post on the Lexington Humane Society Facebook page reads “cats can be spiteful creatures, and trust us, they are more than happy to take a #2 on your former #1.” Honestly, who could say no to that? Of course, there is nothing keeping you from writing the name of your ex on kitty litter tubs in your own home. However, if you prefer to keep the bad juju out of your house (or you just don’t have a cat) this will do nicely.

Not Limited To Exes

It’s not entirely clear whether or not you HAVE to use the name of a scorned lover, though. Seems like you could put anyone’s name there and curse them forever. We have plenty of other ideas for people you can get cats to pee and poo on. How about Your boss? Maybe your brother or a mean flight attendant? You could also curse your insurance provider or any president you haven’t been a fan of. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re interested in giving a great big screw you to any of the above, you can donate to the Lexington Human Society directly through their Facebook posts comment section.

If you hated this article, you can donate $10 and put down Danny Tornado for an order of doo doo. However, If you loved this article and want MORE, you can click here!