Jeff Bezos Is No Longer CEO Of Amazon, And The Land Of Memes Runs Lush And Bountiful

by Tim K

In case you haven’t heard, Jeff Bezos is out as the CEO of Amazon. The reasons for that are boring as shit and frankly not important at all. Now, here’s what is important: The memes… they are aplenty!

Yes! Yes!!! There truly are memes aplenty!!!

Without further ado, let’s crack ’em open and enjoy what the fertile, generous Memelands have birthed for our unworthy nourishment! Jeff Bezos, buckle up, you’re being taken to meme city!

Sorry, Jeffy Boy, but unfortunately for you, the Memelands are just too rich and generous for you to make it out of this big news story unscathed. Thank you, Memelands! Thank you! Goodbye!

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