Jerry Garcia High School Is Coming And We Can’t Wait

by Mad Dog
jerry garcia

SAN FRANCISCO—Okay, Garcia heads! Prepare! Because we have some news that is going to make you sick with pleasure. There is a high school in San Francisco that might be named Jerry Garcia high school and we cannot wait.

Holy crap! We’re going to win this epic battle. No more dumb high school names like “North Jersey High.” From now on, we’re Jerry Garcia High or bust.

How Did This Happen?

Well, it all started when the San Francisco School Board asked people to vote on new names for the high schools in the district. And guess what happened next:

They voted for Jerry Garcia. Hell to the effing yeah!

According to Variety, “Alongside Garcia, other figures being considered as potential school namesakes include current Vice President Kamala Harris, who was born in Oakland and later served as San Francisco district attorney, and the poet Maya Angelou.” Um, yeah, those other folks are awesome….but we want Jerry!

What Names Would You Like To See On High Schools?

  • Men’s Humor High
  • Cool High School
  • The Place Where They Study
  • Well-Behaved Monster Academy
  • Crap Fuck School Of The Dead

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