Kid Calls Out NPR Show For Obvious Lack Of Dinosaur Content

by Gorman
dinosaur npr

When we think of manly things here at Men’s Humor there are a few things that come to mind: bikinis, poop, and dinosaurs. We talk a lot about the first two, but we’ve barely even scratched the surface of dinosaur stuff. We’re in good company, though, because NPR was recently called out by an 8 year old kid who realized that their long running show All Things Considered barely ever talks about dinosaurs.

Unforgivable, NPR. And shame on us. We should know better.

The letter was penned by Leo Shindla, who listens to the show with his mom in the car. The letter is effing adorable, and spot on in its critique. Leo writes, “I listen to All Things Considered…I listen a lot. I never hear much about nature or dinosaurs or things like that. Maybe you should call your show Newsy things Considered, since I don’t get to hear about all the things.”

DAMN, DANIEL. Ahem, we mean Leo.

But yeah, Leo got them good. He goes on to request that they talk more about “dinosaurs and cool things.” Amen, brother. Leo would like to be a paleontologist when he grows up, which is a rad ambition.

Also, Please do not send us any letters complaining about the lack of dinosaur articles on Men’s Humor. We swear to god we are working on it.

In response to the adorable letter, NPR invoted Leo to interview Ashley Poust, a research assistant at the San Diego Natural History Museum. The kid does a great job! He asks the hard hitting questions, like “Have you discovered a dinosaur?” and “How did dinosaurs grow to be so big.” This is all unsurprisingly much, much more interesting than the show usually is. Check out the full interview here. It is adorable.

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