Let’s Celebrate Axl Rose’s Birthday By Staring At 17 Wildly-Different-Looking Pics That Are Somehow All Axl Rose

by Tim K

Has Axl Rose lived the wildest life out of every human who’s ever lived? You gotta think he’s up there. Him, maybe, like, Michael Jordan, Paul McCartney… Schwarzenegger… Those guys are in the mix, but yeah, Axl’s for sure at the top of that conversation. And if we can take away any lessons from Axl’s insane lifestyle, it’s that that kind of decades-at-a-time debauchery comes with a price: Your body changes so rapidly that no two photos of you will ever look similar at all.

Today’s Axl’s 59th birthday (How? How is he not, like, 72 years old?), and to celebrate, it just feels right to roundup some of the best photos of our Guns N’ Roses legend and reflect on how wildly different he looks in every single one of them.

Check Out How Different Axl Rose Looks All The Time!

Young Axl Rose With Multiple Hats

Young, Normal-ish Axl Rose (Probably What You Think Of When You Imagine Axl Rose)

Dead-Looking-Hair Axl Rose

90s Goatee Axl Rose

Yellow Dreads Pirate-Looking Axl Rose

Terrifying Young-Grandma-Looking Axl Rose

Terminator Axl Rose

Smooth-Faced-Neil-Young Axl Rose

Young Axl Rose VS. Heavyset Scarecrow Axl Rose

Young-Axl-Rose-Morphed-With-Scary-Looking-Late-Stage-Michael-Jackson Axl Rose

Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson


Wrinkly Neck Axl Rose

Honestly-Pretty-Handsome-Carrot-Top-Like Axl Rose

Just incredible. This just goes to show that if you truly commit to living wild, you’re making a sacrifice: You’ll basically look like a totally different person every 4-6 weeks. But in Axl’s case, it seems like it was totally worth it! Happy Birthday, Mr. Yellow Dreads!