Let’s Guess What The Plot Of The Face/Off Sequel Is Going To Be

by Gorman

We bet you think you remember the plot of the movie Face/Off. Honestly, you probably don’t. What we remember about the movie Face/Off is that Nicolas Cage and John Travolta trade faces and that’s pretty much it. You may vaguely remember that Nicolas Cage is the bad guy and John Travolta is the good guy, but that’s not exactly true, right? Because they trade faces. All of this is to say that, according to Deadline, they’re making a Face/Off sequel and it could go in a lot of directions.

Buckle up! It’s time to dream of things that shan’t come to pass.

What Was Face/Off Actually About?

Let’s begin with a liiiiiittle bit of context. Face/Off is a movie that came out in 1997. It was directed by John Woo and it recalls the tale of FBI agent Sean Archer played (initially) by John Travolta. Terrorist Caster Troy kills Archer’s kid. No bueno. To exact revenge and do his job, Archer steals Nicolas Cage’s face, but then Caster Troy, now played by Travolta, wakes up and tries to stop Archer, now played by Nicolas Cage.

Get it? Nope? It doesn’t really matter because the sequel is going to be directed by Adam Wingard and not John Woo. Additionally it will star completely new people. However, they will take on roles previously played by Nicolas Cage And John Travolta. That’s right- same characters, different faces, all of them coming off.

The original film grossed a whopping $246 million at the box office. Adjusting for inflation, if the sequel doesn’t make at least $400 million, it will be a complete failure.

The “franchise” (lol) could go in a couple directions, but here’s one pitch we’re very proud of

2/Faced: A Face/Off Sequel

Adam DeVine takes on the role of Sean Archer, who was Nicolas Cage the last time we saw him. After returning from a 25 year long vacation with his family, the FBI knocks him out and changes his face back into his old face, which was John Travolta’s Face. However, now he’s not being played by John Travolta, he’s being played by Mark Ruffalo. But Mark Ruffalo is the same character that John Travolta played. Got that? Then, they give Adam’s Devine’s face to a dog. The dog, played by Adam DeVine and The FBI agent, played by Mark Ruffalo, team up. They solve crimes completely unrelated to the original story.

And that’s it! The sequel would roughly play out like a motion picture version of the failed ABC cop drama Poochinksi. Don’t know what that is? Watch below.

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