Lizzie Borden Murder House Set To Test The Booming Real Estate Market

by TheDuder95

[FALL RIVER, MA] – Not even a global pandemic can slow down the booming real estate market in America. Housing prices are skyrocketing to all time highs as folks look to finally hunker down. The market is so strong that even the owners of the house where the infamous Lizzie Borden murders happened are hoping to cash in!

Wow. Guess we’ll see how strong the housing market really is after all! If someone is willing to fork up money to own the house where Lizzie Borden went psycho and likely killed her parents, then we truly are in boom times!

The infamous house, located in quaint town of Fall River, Massachusetts, was the sight of the brutal 1892 axe murders of Borden’s father and stepmother. The murders set off a media frenzy and a well-documented criminal trial. Even though a jury acquitted Borden of the murders, she lived in suspicion the rest of her life.

The property, which is 100% haunted, was listed for the lofty price of $2 million by its current owners. The Massachusetts home’s owners are retiring after operating the historic landmark as a bed and breakfast.

The freaky property that is definitely haunted. (PHOTO: Real Estate by]

The only thing that could slow down our bull of a housing market right now is a haunted murder house. That’s for sure!

$2 million?!

“We are hoping that someone will come in and buy it and keep it as a bed and breakfast and for tours,” the current owner said in an interview. “It’s one of the most visited tourist attractions in New England. It’s well known all over the world, and on a normal year you have people that come in from all over.”

Despite being hundreds of years old, the home is apparently in pristine condition. According to the website of the bed and breakfast, the house appears just as it did at the time of the murder. The original hardware and doors are still intact. Artifacts linked to the case are also on display.

The inside of the Borden murder house. (PHOTO: Real Estate by]

Jesus they didn’t think to renovate the house even a little bit after two people were murdered there? Come on. That’s definitely going to hurt the resale value, right?

As soon as news of the murder house listing broke, folks online were quick to share their thoughts.

Only time will tell if there’s a brave soul in Massachusetts willing to fork up that much cash for a house that old, not to mention one with such a brutal history.

Either way, we’ll see once and for all if the U.S. housing market is as strong as experts say it is.