The First Rescue Dog In The White House Is Getting An “Indoguration”

by Gorman

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE – There is going to be a very important inauguration at the end of the month, but don’t worry, we’re not talking about THAT one. We’re talking about the “indoguration” of President-Elect Joe Biden’s dog Major. According to this People Magazine article, Major is set to become the first rescue dog ever in the white house. Now this is something we can all salute!

A Worthy Cause

The Delaware Human Association is holding The inaugural event on January 17th. The DHA is where the Biden family went one cold November day to find a sweet new perfect dog for their family.

The DHA will be throwing their indogural (it just doesn’t get old) event in collaboration with Pumpkin Pet Insurance. According to a release from the two organizations, the event is to “help more shelter animals like Major find their forever homes and spread awareness about the need to help pet owners who are financially struggling to care for their pets.”

Turning The White House Into An Animal House

This news is exciting, but Major isn’t the only animal set to enter the White House in January. The Bidens also have another dog named ‘Champ.’ There are also plans to get a first cat! We humbly suggest the name Meowster Smith, because Meowster Smith will be going to Washington.

Two dogs and a cat sounds like a lot, but we here at Men’s Humor think the Bidens are only scratching the surface of what’s possible. They could get a bunch of animals and give them all similarly strapping names. Here are few ideas.

• A parrot named Colonel

• A ferret named Frankie Stallone

• A goldfish named Secretary Of Defense Bubbles

• A hamster named WWE Smackdown Champion Titan Nibbler

• A potbelly pig named Millard Fillmore

Biggest Virtual Dog Party In History?

The indoguration is going to be held virtually and event organizers are hoping it will set a record. DHA executive director Patrick J. Carroll released a statement saying they “are thrilled to participate in what will hopefully be the world’s largest zoom call for dogs.” Sounds like an event worth attending