Man’s Best Friend? This Swan Has Been BFFs With A Turkish Man For 37 Years

by TheDuder95

Move over dogs, because swans are here for your crown as “Man’s Best Friend.” AP is reporting that a swan in Turkey has been BFFs with a Turkish man since the two met almost 40 years ago. Dogs ain’t got nothing on that!

That’s 37 human years, not dog years. Take that, pooches! Score one for the swans!

BFFs for lyfe???

The unlikely friendship started over three decades ago after retired postman Recep Mirzan found Garip, a female swan, wounded in a field. Mirzan and a group of friends were taking a shortcut in their car when they noticed the swan with a broken wing.

Rather than leaving the swan to fend for itself, Mirzan took the swan home to his farm so it could heal in safety. Even after it fully healed, the swan never left. The animal now follows Mirzan whenever she is out of her pen, accompanying him all over his farm.

This is normally how swans act around humans. (Via Giphy)

“Since I love animals, I said to myself that I should take her home instead of leaving her as prey to foxes,” Mirzan told AP. “We got used to each other. We never separated.” The swan has apparently also befriended the other animals living on the farm too

A widower with no children, the 63-year-old Mirzan says the swan has been loyal to him. Mirzan considers the swan his child. Hey, why not? They are clearly BFFs. Sorry dogs, but it’s official. Garip the Swan is number one in Mirzan’s life. Nothing you could ever do will change that.

Folks on the Internet were quick to chime in on this incredible story of companionship.

We could all use a friendship like this. Hate to admit it, but it’s pretty clear dogs just won’t be able to give us what we need.

We’re getting a swan. They are clearly man’s best friend. That’s a fact.