Man’s Best Wingman? This Dog Imitated His Owner’s Limp In Solidarity

by Gorman

What makes a good wingman? Could it be a sense of humor? Is it being only slightly less attractive than the buddy you’re trying to help out? Is it taking one for the team by selflessly flirting, or even sleeping with uggo women? It’s a lot of things, but above all it’s being a good bro and helping a dude out. That’s exactly what this epically perfect dog did when his owner broke his leg. The dog imitates the limp out of pure empathy.

If any woman saw these two roll into the club, they’d be smitten. They’d hop right into the sack (that’s where sex happens) and joyfully lay this injured fellow. They would most likely not have sex with the dog (fingers crossed).

According to the owner of the precious pooch, a gentleman in the UK named Russell Jones, the dog is completely fine. His dog, named Bill (A TRUE MAN’S NAME) just imitated the limp because he is a perfect dog who loves his owner and probably wants his owner to get laid.

When Mr. Jones first saw that Bill was limping he didn’t know that the dude code was already in effect. He brought Bill to the vet to figure out what was wrong. He had to spend over 400 bucks to find out that his dog was fine, just doing him an unbelievable solid by turning himself into an ass trap.

Truth be told, any fine young thing who sees this display is going to just fall over themselves to have sex with the guy, broken leg and all. This is the power of an incredible wingman (wingdog).

Every Wingman Dog Has His Day

However, any good wingman will testify it is good to give, but one must also receive. If Mr. Jones wants to be a rad dad wingman to his little blessed boy he better do the same. Next time Bill gets a case of mange or gets his leg stuck in a bear trap and needs to wear a cone, Russell best do the same. It is part of the CODE. The famous dog/man pickup artist code.

Let’s give a round of applause for this noble beast and benevolent bro: you’re a role model to us all! Want more good dog news (we know you do)? Click here!