by Tim K

Okay, Spirit Heads, get excited, because THIS is about as awesome as it gets: according to The First News, an absolutely goliath ghost has just been spotted watching a fire brigade struggle to contain a fire!

That’s right, doubters! What do you say now that you’re faced with cold hard PROOF? Hell yeah!

The extraordinary snap, which was taken in the village of Małdyty in Northern Poland, features a fire brigade in the thick of what appears to be a losing battle against blazes shooting from a chimney.

The ghost (real)! [PHOTO: OSP KSRG Maldyty via Facebook]

Meanwhile, above the scene, one can clearly see the unmistakable shape of MAMMOTH ghost with wings (perhaps even an angel?! kick ass!), who’s watching the ENTIRE thing with totally neutral body language!

This is just so sick on multiple levels. It’s one thing to have a photo PROVING that there are ghosts, angels, and spirits in this amazing world, staring at us while we try to do our jobs. But it’s totally NEXT-LEVEL to see that these spirits can grow to the size of two hotel ice machines stacked on top of each other!

And for as incredible as the picture itself is, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Arguably even more mysterious than the contents of the photograph is the fact that NO ONE KNOWS where it came from or who took it. It was first assumed that the picture was taken by a policeman on the scene, but after local law enforcement denied all knowledge of its source, everyone – including the fire brigade who first tweeted the photo – is totally at a loss.  

Per, one fireman who was on site said, “I didn’t see anything. The work is dangerous, I didn’t look around.”

Meanwhile, another fireman showed a bit of gratitude to the goliath ghost, saying, “If we have such protection from the afterlife watching over us, I feel fairly calm about safety during the operation.”

So who is this spirit? What do they want? Could they be an old friend who’s come to say hello? How did they get to be the width of a Dodge Ram? Did they approve of how the brigade was doing, or disapprove? Did the ghost help the firefighters in ways we can’t see, or did it mostly just watch?

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any answers to these questions.

But for those of us who give a lot of thought to the spiritual realm, it’s more than enough to simply know that we’re not alone. And that maybe, just maybe, one of these days we’ll see our own giant angel staring down at us.