McDonald’s Customer Catches Delivery Man Eating Her Order Outside Her House


When you’re hungry, and the delivery driver is lost or late, you become insane with anger. Your hanger levels turn you into a different human. Imagine what is was like to be this woman in the United Kingdom, who witnessed her delivery driver cancel her order, sit down in front of her house, and eat her McDonald’s. McDonald’s customers beware: what you are about to see may disturb you.

Watch This McDonald’s Customer Lose Her Shit Below

Wow. It’s just plain wrong to do this to a hungry person. No tip for you, delivery guy.

Twitter user, @cjbarton2290, originally posted the video. As you can see by her enraged tweet, she was NOT happy.

Twitter via CJ Barton

That is one McDonald’s Customer who is NOT lovin’ it. Clearly, the delivery guy should’ve picked a better spot to jack the food. He ate the meal over a garbage can behind a low hedge. C’mon man! Respect for your boldness, but you gotta re-strategize how you steal food.

The delivery driver worked for a service called Just Eats, who released a statement addressing the incident.

“At Just Eat we’re committed to providing a positive experience for all of our customers. When we become aware of any practices that fall below the high standards we expect, we will always take steps to address this. As such, we were concerned to hear about this incident. We are investigating, will take action as appropriate and are also in contact with the customer.”

Just Eats

Well, the only way to prevent this is to go pick up the meal yourself. Delivery is convenient, but expensive, and has the added variable of human nature, which is wildly unpredictable. Hopefully this woman has had something to eat since this incident.

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