Men’s Humor (And Scientists) Name 2020 The HOTTEST Year On Record!

by Gorman

EARTH, MILKY WAY GALAXY — According to a story published by The Hill, 2020 is now is tied with 2016 as the hottest year in recorded history. At Men’s Humor, however, we’re making a controversial call. We think 2020 is by far the HOTTEST year on record. That’s right, we’re breaking the tie. Sorry, 2016 — you were hot, but 2020 gave us just a little something extra.

Before the 2016 stans come after us, screaming “2016 has been robbed! It was wayyyyyy hotter than 2020,” hear us out. We’re not saying 2016 wasn’t hot. It was a real scorcher, baby. She had all that heat and then some. But in our humble opinion, 2020 simply outranks it.

Now, we couldn’t make such a bold claim without talkin’ STATS. According to The Hill’s report “pre-industrial levels of temperature have recently acted as a baseline threshold for how global temperatures are changing.” Pre-industrial level means temps before the industrial revolution (AKA STEAMPUNK TIMES) when global carbon emissions skyrocketed.

2020 was really packing some heat.

It comes as a surprise to many that global temperatures for 2020 would be so high when the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down many industries that drive carbon emissions. That ALONE is enough to clearly rank 2020 as the absolute HOTTEST in HISTORY. Overcoming the adversity of low carbon emissions makes 2020 sizzlin’ H-O-T-T.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. What does Carlo Buontempo, the Director of the Copernicus Climate Change Service have anything to say about this? “2020 stands out for its exceptional warmth in the arctic and a record number of tropical storms in the north Atlantic.” Steamy stuff, Buontempo. Those Arctic stats are definitely another reason this year was TOO HOT TO HANDLE.

The global climate crisis is dire and we’re all doomed if we don’t start scaling carbon emissions and pollution back significantly. This year proves it, and that’s why it’s’s official HOTTEST YEAR IN HISTORY. Congratulations, 2020. You earned it. You broke all the records, whether we liked it or not!

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