Mercedes Just Unveiled A Whole New Way Men Can Overcompensate With Their Cars

by Gorman

STUTTGART, GERMANY- According to The Verge, Mercedes has unveiled a new touchscreen interface for its upcoming EQS luxury electric sedan. The screen, at a walloping 56 inches, is an innovative new way to use a car to overcompensate for all the various ways you’ve failed in life. The car manufacturer is truly at the forefront of overcompensating technology.

According to the Verge “the Hyperscreen is the centerpiece of the automaker’s second generation MBUX* infotainment system that eschews physical buttons in favor of a completely digital (and voice-controlled) experience.”

*MBUX stands for Mercedes Benz user experience, by the way. Still sounds like some kind of Chuck E. Cheese money, though.

Could Be A Little Too Distracting

While the new design will likely show off the same slick engineering the car brand is known for, there are concerns that a display of this size could be distracting. AAA recently found it likely that the digital interfaces popping up in new cars could lead to more accidents. Mercedes certainly wants to avoid that, but when you’re trying to compensate for all the ways you’ve let yourself and others down over the years, does it even matter?

The current king among car touchscreens is the Tesla Model 3’s 15 incher. But when you compare that to the Mercedes Benz’s 56 inch monster, it’s pathetic. No one would want that. Not unless it’s very well designed of course. The Hyperscreen won’t be available until later this year, but guys with a whole lot to prove are already eager to line up and buy this thing. God bless, em.