Miracle Ferret Survives Over An Hour In A Washing Machine

by Gorman
Ferret and washing machine collage

A woman in Leeds is breathing a heavy sigh of relief tonight after nearly losing her pet ferret to that most vile of fiends, the washing machine. According to the BBC, the ferret named Bandit (AWWW!) spent 100 minutes in the wash cycle after sneaking in while his mom wasn’t looking. Bandit miraculously survived, despite having taken the world’s most dangerous shower.

When Jackie Redfern (incredible name) discovered her beautiful baby cat-rat in a sorry state, she raced Bandit to Vets4Pets, a ferret healthcare provider in Colton, Leeds. When veterinary surgeon, Dave Massey first saw Bandit the outlook was grim. Bandit had a collapsed lung among other boo boos. However, within 4 hours Bandit was back on his little well washed feet. Truly a miracle ferret.

Bandit’s brother Mikey was nearly inconsolable, but all was well again when they were reunited. Mikey is also a ferret.

Looks like the 2 year old pet will make a full recovery, though there’s no saying what kind of psychological trauma this ordeal has caused. Dr. Massey urges pet owners to keep an eye on their washing machines and dryers as pets love those places.

In conclusion, pets are still dumb as rocks and we gotta be careful with them. Let Jackie Redfern’s story be a warning to us all. Get well soon, Bandit!

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