Mother Nature Getting Lazy? These Giraffes Are Short

by TheDuder95

AFRICA – This story will definitely puzzle fans of Mother Nature. Scientists in Africa made an interesting discovery while researching animals throughout the continent: short giraffes.

Short giraffes? We can’t help but think that Mother Nature is maybe getting a little lazy these days.

Scientists discovered the two giraffes a few years ago in Namibia and Uganda, and recently published their monumental discoveries in the British Medical Journal. While giraffes commonly grow upwards of 15 feet tall, these two little ones stand at under just 10 feet. A real half-assed attempt at a giraffe, if you ask us.

Both giraffes had the standard long necks commonly seen in the species, but also had surprisingly short, stumpy legs. Researchers believe that skeletal dysplasia, a bone disorder that can impact both animals and humans, is to blame for their short stature.

Animal fans love hearing about new scientific discoveries, but the same species we already have…only shorter? That’s pretty lame.

Despite this discovery being a total dud, folks on social media were quick to react.

The short giraffes are cute, but these folks need to have higher standards for Mother Nature. Next time a scientist discovers a new animal, we want it to be something badass that could kill us. Get on it, Planet Earth!