Panera Is Selling A Bread Bowl Hand Warmer

by Gorman
panera bread bowl

Looks like Panera is entering the gimmicky food promotion market with a brand new item. According to a story from Fox News “Panera is repurposing its bread bowls — or at least the look of its bread bowls — to double as a hand warmer for iced coffee drinkers, for storing their java while on the go.” The bread bowl hand warmers look a lot like huge cup holders for iced coffee, except they have a pocket on the side for your hand. Finally, we can sip chilly drinks while staying warm and snug.

The item is officially named “Iced And Toasty Bread Bowl Hand Warmer.” Not exactly a short and zippy name. Maybe the marketing team should have put a few more hours into that one.

If you’re thinking to yourself “damn, that sounds gross” do not fear. The hand warmers are designed to look like bread bowls, but they’re made from cloth. The marketing ploy was born from a survey, in which 78% of participants claim they plan to continue drinking iced coffee despite the seasonal change. We know many closeted iced coffee lifers will feel seen by this.

Panera is even holding a contest for ice coffee lovers to enter and possibly win one of the hand warmers. To enter, simply enter your personal information at Even if you don’t win, you’re sure to get plenty of emails for years to come.

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