Remember When Bill de Blasio Pretty Much Killed A Groundhog And Didn’t Get In Trouble?

by TheDuder95
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio dropping a groundhog

Groundhog Day is officially here. Unfortunately for warm weather lovers, Punxsutawney Phil says we have six more weeks of winter to get through. While today might not mark a turn towards springtime weather, it does however mark the 7th anniversary of the time when New York City mayor Bill de Blasio dropped a groundhog, likely resulting in the animal’s death.

They’ll let politicians get away with anything these days. He didn’t even get in trouble for this. SMH!

It all started way back on February 2, 2014. Mayor de Blasio had only been in office a little over a month when he decided it would be a good idea to handle a live animal in front of a crowd of people for a fake American tradition. Not even the fact that a groundhog bit his predecessor Mike Bloomberg during the same ceremony at the Staten Island Zoo just years prior could stop Bill from a photo op. Needless to say, it did not end well.

Even though the groundhog famously named Staten Island Chuck that bit Bloomberg was not used during De Blasio’s ceremony, it didn’t matter. That family of groundhogs apparently hates New York City mayors. Even though zoo officials secretly swapped Chuck’s granddaughter Charlotte in for the 2014 event, the female groundhog wanted absolutely nothing to do with the freakishly tall mayor.

Just seconds after handlers passed the groundhog to de Blasio, Mayor Butterfingers dropped her right on her head. Ouch. The animal recovered in the moment, but the damage was already done; both to Charlotte and Bill de Blasio’s reputation amongst groundhogs.

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De Blasio dropped an animal live on video and still thought he could run for president? Mr. Mayor, you underestimate the memory of the American people. Oh we remembered alright. We remembered.

He just dropped the groundhog like that?!

Unfortunately, Charlotte the groundhog died merely a week after her fall from de Blasio’s arms. While an autopsy stated that Charlotte died from internal injuries, zoo officials stated at the time that they didn’t believe it was because de Blasio dropped her. In any case, the death wasn’t reported to media until months later, leading many to believe that a conspiracy was at play to protect the clumsy mayor.

While the incident happened almost a decade ago, folks on social media were quick to bring it up today.

As of today, Mayor de Blasio has never returned to Staten Island for the ceremony since the 2014 incident occurred. Makes sense. The rest of Charlotte’s groundhog family still probably remembers and would be out for blood. Groundhogs be like that sometimes.

Pour one out for Charlotte today. RIP to a real one. We miss you.