Russian Ice Diver Loves Ice So Much He Eats Raw Slabs Of It

by Gorman

LAKE, RUSSIA — The New York post released a video featuring the exploits and adventures of one Sergey Trifanov, a man who likes to swim naked in frozen lakes. Sergey really, really loves ice. So much that he loves to EAT ice raw (if it weren’t raw, it would be water we suppose.) He also uses it as bread for what appears to be entirely condiment-based sandwiches. It’s ice, ketchup, mayo and ice.

Check it out below. Bon appetit!

-12′ Celsius is 10.4′ Fahrenheit, BTW

He’s innovative

Sergey Trifanov lives in the Samara region of Russia. It is here that he creates the content he is known for on TikTok (doing wacky shit in frozen lakes). His videos pretty much always feature him and his very good beard, laughing maniacally in nothing more than some swim trunks.

As you can see, Sergey also loves eating ice cream in ice water. This is a match made in heaven, or some weird version of hell where it is indeed frozen over. It’s an impressive display, but we have a few suggestions for other things Sergey could eat in frozen lakes.

• Borscht

• Vodka

• Ice sandwiches with meat and vegetables in addition to condiments

Give this man a show

We wouldn’t stop there. though. This man has the daytime charm of an Ellen Degeneres (before we found out she sucks) and the late night charisma of Steven Colbert. Mix those together with a generous helping of Gary Busey energy, and you have a star. A lip-syncing battle in a frozen lake in Russia would be at least twice as interesting as whatever Jimmy Fallon is doing. And we would pay a million rubles to see Sergey and Kevin Hart play a quick game of Heads Up. Especially if they’re completely submerged in the arctic waters of mother Russia.

You can predict, given a few years on the American talk circuit, Sergey will become a household name. Ice content will be the frozen wave of the future. Make sure to follow him on tiktok @serzhmorzh, and while you’re add it, check out some other Men’s Humor content featuring naked people in bodies of water that aren’t frozen.