Samsung Developed A Robot You Can Shadowbox With As A Warmup Before Lifting

by Tim K

FUTURE, WORLD – Yeah, it’s basically official… we’re living in the future: According to The Verge, Samsung just debuted a new robot that can pour a glass of wine, bring you a drink, and do the dishes.  

Okay, this kicks ass! If it can do all that, you know this thing could probably shadowbox and shit, just to get warmed up! No real blows or anything!

The robot is called Bot Handy, and according to Samsung, it’ll be able to recognize objects like pants and dishes by using a camera and AI.

Sebastian Seung, president of Samsung Research, says “the new robot is intended to be “an extension of you in the kitchen, living room, and anywhere else you may need an extra hand in your home.”

Anywhere we need an extra hand, huh Seabass?  Well how about in the backyard, while we SHADOWBOX to get loose before lifting bis and tris? Or maybe on shoulder day, since lifting shoulders always puts a good amount of strain on your neck? That actually sounds awesome. Just like Rocky Balboa or something!

Visually, Bot Handy is a tall, thin, black-and-white robot with two large digital eyes. The robot has a single arm that can pivot at three points – what amounts to a shoulder, elbow, and wrist – with a clamp-like hand at the end, which, for those keeping score at home, is plenty to get a little spar session going just so you can stave off tweaking something during your workout.

The robot moves around on a rolling base, which swivels side to side (perfect for bobbing and weaving) and can raise up to reach higher objects (throw hands at taller fighters).

Rocky was so much shorter than Ivan Drago if you remember THAT! He got thrown around like a rag doll at certain points.

Now, here’s the bad news: At this point, it’s still unclear how close Bot Handy is to being a real, ready-to-ship product. The company stopped short of announcing a price or release window, which could mean it’s still more of a concept than a real project.

Fuck that! We want to spar with these robots a bit so we don’t pull anything! Send them to our houses and basement workout set-ups stat!

This is seriously such bittersweet news to grapple with. Here’s to hoping that if we demand it loud enough, Samsung will quit yanking us around by the nads and sell us these robots by the springtime, when it’s actually warm enough to horse around outside with potential workout partners!