Surprise Surprise, Subway’s Tuna Might Not Actually Be Made Of Tuna

by TheDuder95
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Don’t read this if you’ve bought a tuna sandwich from Subway lately for some reason. Turns out you might not have actually eaten any tuna. Two women in California filed a new lawsuit alleging that Subway sandwiches are “made from anything but tuna.”

Subway’s nasty tuna sandwiches might not actually made from tuna? Surprise of the century!

California residents Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin are suing the franchise for several claims of fraud. They also sued for intentional misrepresentation and unjust enrichment over their tuna products. The two women claim that Subway tricked them into buying food items that lacked ingredients they thought they were purchasing.

Despite the lawsuit, Subway is standing by their garbage tuna saying that the lawsuit is frivolous. A spokesperson for the brand claimed that there was no truth to the allegations in the lawsuit, despite clearly never eating their tuna sandwich before. The spokesperson said that the brand delivers 100% real tuna to its restaurants.

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Yeah sure Subway. We believe you!

Who eats the tuna at Subway???

According to Subway’s website, its tuna sandwich contains “flaked tuna blended with creamy mayo.” Apparently the tuna sandwich is somehow one of Subway’s most popular menu items. People seem to love that nasty Subway fish!

As part of the case, the two women are seeking compensatory damages and punitive damages plus attorneys’ fees. Secondly, they are asking Subway to stop allegedly mislabeling its tuna sandwiches. Lastly, they also want Subway to forfeit any profits the company might have earned from tuna sales.

While the lawsuit might not reach courts until April, folks on social media didn’t wait to share their thoughts.

If this shocks you, well we aren’t sure what to say. Didn’t you hear about Subway’s yoga mat bread?

Subway is no stranger to lawsuits. They clearly have a staunch legal team that can get them out of responsibility for just about anything. Only time will tell if the accusations that they use fake tuna will be proven to be true.

Until then, we’ll just stick with the meatball subs. Those are real meatballs, right?