Texas Town Chose Mayor By Pulling Name Out Of A Hat, Instead Of A Game Of HORSE

by TheDuder95

DICKINSON, TX – Think the 2020 Election couldn’t get any crazier? Think again. The city of Dickinson, TX broke an electoral tie and chose its new mayor after pulling his name out of a hat.

Credit: City of Dickinson Facebook Page

It’s great that the city of Dickinson finally has a mayor. But there must have been a more entertaining way to break the tie, right?

The tiebreaker took place after Dickinson mayoral candidates Sean Skipworth and Jennifer Lawrence (not that one) ended up with the same amount of votes after a runoff election. Texas law states that towns can break ties by casting lots. As a result, Skipworth became mayor after a ping pong ball with his name was pulled out of a hat during a ceremony.

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Seriously? That’s how they broke the tie? Come on. Have a little imagination! Here are just a few cooler ideas for breaking ties in future elections. Feel free to use these, Dickinson.

  • Game of HORSE (no layups)
  • Blind chili taste test
  • Switch off every day as mayor (One day on, one day off)
  • Candidate with fewest car accidents wins
  • Randy Jackson from American Idol gets to decide

Look we’re just spitballing here, but these few ideas are all WAY better than how Dickinson chose its newest elected official. We’re all in favor of democracy, but at least make it fun.