The New DC Extended Universe Could Include Six, Seven Batmen Living In The Same City

by Tim K

GOTHAM, U.S. — DC fans, you might wanna sit down, because some major news just came down the pike: per NME, there will be multiple versions of Batman coexisting within the DC Universe.

So tight! At long last, it’s looking like fans will get to see a whole crew of REAL Batmen hanging out together and shooting the shit! How badass is that?!

Here’s what we know so far: In an interview with the New York Times, Warner Bros. head Walter Hamada confirmed that within the overarching DC multiverse that’s currently being put in place, there will indeed be more than one Batman from past films coexisting at the same time:

“Coming up, for instance, Warner Bros. will have two different film sagas involving Batman — played by two different actors — running at the same time,” he said.

But just because we’ll have more than one Batman, that’s not to say they’ll all be created equal.

As of now, Warner Bros. appears to be prioritizing Robert Pattinson – who’s long-awaited debut in ‘The Batman’ is slated for release in 2022 – as the Batman of the future, while sporadically bringing on old favorites in smaller roles, the way both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will appear as two separate Batmen in the upcoming ‘Flash.’

Yep, you read that right. Three different Batmen on the big screen next year, all within the SAME universe.

While this is definitely some awesome news, it does come with its fair share of questions. How many Batmen will Warner Bros. settle on? Seven? Somewhere around seven? Are the Batmen all related in any way, like brothers? Anyone else wanna see all these Bruce Waynes all get dinner together at some point?! Would they all eat the same thing?!

There are so many questions yet to be answered (will there be multiple versions of The Penguin? Will those versions be the same size, or smaller? Or bigger?), but for now, us fans certainly have plenty to look forward to!