The U.K. Is Telling Scottish People To “Walk Like A Penguin” To Avoid Slipping On Ice

by Gorman
Walk like penguins featured image

Hold onto your butts, folks. The National Health Service in the UK drafted up some interesting guidelines for walking on ice covered ground. According to Yahoo! News, over the weekend “much of the UK was covered in a blanket of snow, and the Met Office has issued weather warnings.” So what would the NHS have us do during bad weather? Well, walk like a penguin, of course!

Additionally, the NHS tweeted out a helpful diagram to demonstrate the safe waddle. According to this post “to walk on ice, keep your center of gravity over your front leg.”

Oh. You mean, like a baseball catcher?

Nope, like a penguin. Apparently, if you “think of yourself as a penguin, you’ll be alright.” The tip makes sense as penguins are pretty darn good at walking on ice. Therefore, we’re looking forward to seeing humans attempt it. Let’s be honest, we could all use a little more slap sticky laughter these days. Watching people struggle to move on slippery terrain is classic comedy.

In conclusion, it’s pretty heartwarming that government safety initiatives are being rolled out to keep us from making fools of ourselves. Maybe 2021 really will be better.

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