These Newly Discovered Deep-Sea Species PROVE The Jersey Devil Could Be Real And Just Not Found Yet

by Tim K

PINE BARRENS, NEW JERSEY – Looks like we got some MAJOR good news for believers everywhere: According to the BBC, twelve new species were just discovered deep in the Atlantic ocean, which just goes to show that the Jersey Devil could definitely be real and we just haven’t found him yet.

Now THIS is what I’m talking about! The world is amazing! The Jersey Devil could definitely be out there, somewhere near Voorhees, New Jersey maybe! Or even as far east as Toms River!

Let’s be real, having the Jersey Devil as your official state creature would be way better than some boring ass dinosaur.

The new oceanic discoveries come as a result of the ATLAS project, which just spent five years studying the deep Atlantic in unprecedented detail. After sending special robotic landers to the lowest depths of the ocean, they brought back the exact kinds of information the scientists running the show had hoped for.

Among the new discoveries is a coral growth called Epizoanthus martinsae, which lives on lack corals up to 400 meters below the ocean surface.

A moss animal, or bryozoan, named Microporella funbio was also discovered, found in an undersea mud volcano off the coast of Spain.

Per, Robin Beaman, a Marine geologist at James Cook University, remarked that the ATLAS project was the “gold standard” in marine research because it brought together many researchers and government agencies.

“When you’re going into the deep ocean, you’re going into places that haven’t really been explored before, so there are all these fauna that have been there for perhaps millions of years but it’s just we haven’t discovered them,” he said.

“We’ve found new species here — fish, deep-water corals and other invertebrate sponge species. It’s quite fascinating to shine light into these depths,” he added.

Damn, this is exciting! The implications are endless in regard to the Jersey Devil!

You gotta figure that if scientists are still out there discovering new kinds of animals in the ocean, like, why couldn’t that happen in New Jersey, in search of the flying biped with hooves known as the Jersey Devil? Who’s to say that it’s definitely just folklore, and that there’s no such thing as a kangaroo-like creature with the head of a goat who lives out in the Pine Barrens or maybe outside Philadelphia, and has a blood-curdling scream that haunts all those who hear it for the rest of their days?

I bet these scientists were told the exact same thing about their fish… and THEY found them!

So awesome. The world truly is an amazing place, especially when us believers are being proven right every single day!