These “Worst Car” Stories Are Absolutely Hilarious

by TheDuder95

Just about everyone had a terrible car while growing up. While we may grow out of the awful jalopies we take to the DMV for the first time to get our licenses, the scars remain.

The terrible car stories started rolling in after Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon tweeted to his fans asking them to submit stories for a segment on the show called #MyWorstCar. Jimmy even got in on the action himself.

These horrendous “worst car” stories might be a little triggering for some. But they are absolutely hilarious to us. Take a look!

1. This sounds like something out of a movie

2. Could just be an added safety feature

3. Hey you were the one who didn’t specify what kind of Jeep you wanted. Easy mistake to make

4. You might want to get that checked out

5. You sure it was the car?

6. This guy is a genius

7. Now that’s what we call “false advertising”

8. Sometimes having a terrible car can be a claim to fame

9. No pain, no gain

10. We want this for our car!

11. This is just a built-in air freshener

12. Driving a terrible car shouldn’t be an excuse for not having a girlfriend

13. Insurance companies love this guy

14. Almost like having a convertible

15. This can’t be good for gas mileage

16. Willing to be this wouldn’t help get you out of a speeding ticket

17. Did those 5 gallon buckets recline?

Take a look at the #MyWorstCar hashtag on Twitter for more hilarious stories about terrible cars!