They’re Coming To Take Our Jobs: Pigs Can Now Use Computers

by Gorman
twitch piggy

We always imagined that when the apocalypse came, it would be at the hands of God or the robots. Unfortunately we were horribly, horribly wrong. The truth is, when humanity is destroyed, it will be the hogs that do it. According to a story from The Guardian pigs are smart enough to use computers. Researchers have found a way to train piggies to manipulate a joystick to move a computer cursor in specific directions.

However, they will only do it for a “tasty treat.”

So maybe the end of the world isn’t nigh, but it’s pretty sweet that pigs can play Brick, which is essentially what this computer game sounds like. The researchers running the experiment are Professor Candace Croney of Purdue University and Dr. Sarah Boysen. They trained four pigs to play a game where pigs point a cursor at one of a set of “walls” on a computer screen. If they hit the wall it goes “bloop.”

I’m sorry, but imagining a pig playing a video game is just about the most goddamn delightful thing on this, here planet.

The pigs in the experiment are named Hamlet, Omelette, Ebony and Ivory. Oh my goodness. They represent different breeds of piggies, the latter two being micro pigs. The micro pigs faired better, since they never grew too big to use the joystick. The piggies received 12 weeks of training and the study actually found that they were motivated by encouragement just as much as they were by tasty treats!

If we put together a little piggy cheerleading squad who KNOWS what they could be capable of! The possibilities are basically endless.

Pigs Aren’t Monkey Smart, But They’re Smart

We’ve known for a long time that them hogs are smart as hell. They can answer multiple choice questions for crying out loud! And they pretty much live to eat, which is smart as heck if you ask us. While the pigs still do not score as high on these kinetic learning tests as primates, it is still illuminating. Right now they use their little snouts to move the joystick (adorable) but future studies may employ touch screens.

Those piggies will be addicted to Candy Crush in to time.

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