This Chinese School Teaches English Through Toilet Paper


KUNMING, CHINA – The 21st century already belongs to China, and the story you’re about to read is a perfect example of why they’re set to dominate the post-American world: a business college in Kunming has installed toilet paper with English vocabulary words printed on them. 

According to the New York Post, the Yunnan Technology and Business University installed these toilet paper rolls throughout the library and school’s bathrooms. Lecturers at the college said the rolls are intended to encourage students to practice English while defecating, in preparation for the national post-graduate entrance exam.

Well, Men’s Humor has simply got to hand it to Yunnan University. If Americans used their toilet-time to study instead of playing games and scrolling social media, our empire might not have entered an irreversible state of decline! 

In fact, if you are reading this on the toilet right now, we urge you to stop browsing the web and start learning Chinese immediately. 

We’ll help you get started. Below are some simple but important terms that will help you and your family get by after the fall of the United States, and our subsequent overthrow by the Sino-Russian super powers that will come to claim what’s left!


男装 (Nánzhuāng)


幽默 (Yōumò)


网站 (Wǎngzhàn)


互联网 (Hùliánwǎng)

Yes Sir

是的先生 (Shì de xiānshēng)

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