This One Weird Trick Will Protect Your Cattle: Draw Eyes On Their Butts

by Gorman

A recently published study led by Dr Neil Jordan is making the rounds in the cattle protecting community. It just may revolutionize the way we protect cows. According to a story published by Snippet Science, “the study found that painting artificial eyes on a cow’s rear-end proved effective at preventing attacks by ambush predators over a four-year period.”

Break out the Crayola paints and newspaper, boys. We’ve got some eyes to paint on cow asses.

via Giphy

The discovery is not without natural or evolutionary precedent. Many species have developed false eyes to warn off predators (butterflies famously do this.) However, this study is the first to test it on animal subject that don’t have the naturally selected characteristic.

Cattle and livestock in North America are less susceptible to predators, but their counterparts in Africa are not so lucky. Big cats like lions and leopards will decimate cattle and other livestock. Until now the only way you could fix the problem is gunning the poor kitties down. That’s effective, but not ideal. These predators are endangered in their own right.

By painting faces on the cow butts, farmers can discourage predators from feeding on their livestock in a cost effective way. They don’t even need to be that good at art. They could probably get away with gluing some googly eyes on them butts. Carole Baskin Would be proud.

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