We Can Compost Human Remains In Washington State! Sound The Trumpets!

by Gorman

Washington state is known for being named after our first President and founding father, George Washington. Outside of that, it’s got Seattle (so Nirvana) and that’s pretty much it. Oh, also it’s beautiful, but whatever. Now, however, The Evergreen State has a new claim to fame. You can compost human remains there! Laying your loved ones to rest has never been more environmentally friendly. Let the bodily decomposition begin!

Though they aren’t calling it human composting just yet. For now, It’s being referred to as “natural organic reductions.” THAT is good rebranding. Furthermore, we believe this is an excellent idea that should have been allowed much sooner! Composting human remains is good for the environment and, in a sense, good for your body! Get ready for compost fever, folks!

According to a story from KTLA “In 2019, Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation making Washington the first state to approve composting as an alternative to burying or cremating human remains. Advocates say composting is a greener alternative to cremation because it uses less energy. It’s also the only legal way for Washingtonians to be laid to rest on their own property, albeit in the form of mulch.”

How To Compost A Body

The composting process involves putting the corpses in an NOR cradle (a barrel) along with 200 GALLONS OF WOOD CHIPS. Then, they add heat and fungus and oxygen to speed up the decomposition process. That’s one hot barrel full of human. After all that is done you got yourself four, 55-gallon drums full of usable compost. 

While it’s easy to be pretty flip about the details of the process, it is a beautiful way to return to the earth and universe from which we were spawn. Hopefully this move will inspire other states to invest in affordable and environmentally friendly burial options. That, or you can turn yourself into a diamond. Whatever works for you and your budget!

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