What Is This Alien Sky Powder? It’s Snowing In Texas

by Gorman

CENTRAL TEXAS- It’s snowing in Texas, which is something people who do not live in the lone star state might not realize is effing incredible. NBC affiliate Click 2 in Houston is reporting on the reactions of scores of people completely blown away by this magical substance pouring from the sky.

At first, many cowered in fear. However, they seem to be slowly realizing that this is something fairly common in the rest of the country. They’re emerging from their shelters and panic rooms and stepping out into the light of day to experience the wonder of snow.

It’s Snowing In Texas And Dogs Are Loving It

In addition to people, pups are finding this sugar drifting from the heavens to be an absolute delight. We can all agree, these good boys and good girls deserve to have fun.

Kids Are Discovering The Joy Of Creating Filthy Snow People

Texans of all ages now get to create snowmen and snow women who will look like hell in a few days. Parents, be sure to brace your kids for the reality of life expectancy among snow people. It’s not terribly long.

There Have Been Some Hiccups In The Revelry

Central Texas is learning the hard way that snow is not without its drawbacks. KXAN in Austin reports there are multiple power outages. Hopefully, the issues will be solved in a short time. Until then, Texans can revel in the joy that is digging your car out of 28 inches of snow.

So go forth into the tundra, Texan friends. Do not fear this mysterious substance. It’s not going to hurt you, unless you get frostbite, but you should be fine if you wear a coat and gloves…do Texans have those things? We hope!

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