Worms Are Delicious And Now You Can Eat Them Without Shame

by Gorman

ROME, ITALY — According to a story from the Associated Press, “the European Union’s food safety agency says worms are safe to eat.” We in the U S of A knew this for a long time, but the rest of the world is starting to catch up. It might not be mainstream yet, but bugs are a good, low fat source of protein. We at Men’s Humor know this, which is why we’ve been secretly eating worms for years. But there’s no need to be ashamed anymore, fellas.

Dig in (the dirt) and dig in (eat worms).

This is all well and good, but as mentioned before, we’ve been eating creepy crawlies constantly for years and years. If we aren’t shoving a meatball sub down our throats we’re shoving a worm hoagie down there. Simply put, eating wormoids is a great way to stay ripped and fit, which we all are. We’re all in very good shape. We can thank bugs for that. They died giving us abs.

Tasty Worm Treats

The report from the AP goes on to note that “researchers said the worms, either eaten whole or in powdered form, are a protein-rich snack or ingredient for other foods.” This got us wondering. What would YOU cook with these little guys? We know what we would cook, because we’re constantly eating insects. Constantly. You could try to stop us from eating tiny creatures, but there would be a struggle and since we’re all muscled up beyond belief due to the amount of worms we eat, you wouldn’t win. That’s all we’re saying.

Here are a few ideas for worm chow.

-Worm pizza

-Powdered Worm Donuts

-Worm Sliders

-Worm and cheese danish

-Chips and Salsa and Worms

Hopefully the news will bring worm eating culture to the forefront of an already insanely competitive diet food industry. We think Weight Watchers SHOULD be sending worms to their customers. Whole 30? Fuck that. Gimme worms. We already eat so many weird things, why are insects the final frontier? How did it become so taboo? It doesn’t matter. All that does matter is we can eat worms to our heart’s content now.

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