European Artists Making Spectacular Buildings For Street Mice, America Braces For Widespread Eviction Crisis

by Gorman

According to BBC News “a secret organization of artists who go by the name AnonyMouse have been creating little places for mice to use.” The group creates all kinds of miniature buildings for street mice, including pharmacies, churches and even homes. This comes as an astronomical relief to the billions of people spending sleepless nights worrying about mice during this historic pandemic. All the spaces are free for rodents to use.

In unrelated news, the United States is facing a looming eviction crisis. CBS news reports that most folks don’t have the money to pay lawyers to fight these evictions. With the winter months kicking into high gear, these fears aren’t unfounded. They also go beyond a few people wanting to avoid hitting up their friends for a place to crash. A story in The New York Times suggests that the damage of an eviction record could do long lasting harm to American’s financial records.

Meanwhile, Anonymouse is making scores of cute little rodent abodes. These include a seaside town and a miniature castle! Cute! According to the BBC, AnonyMouse want to remind people that the “street belongs to everyone, and changing that space is up to all of us”.

Anonymouse is based in the town of Malmö in southern Sweden. They’re doing their part to prevent the scores of European mice from going cold and shelterless during this unprecedented time. Mice do not have the safeguard of government legislation to protect them, you know. Thanks, Anonymouse!

Other Ideas For Street Mice Facilities

To show our support of Anonymouse, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for other mouse habitat projects. These are free to use, Anonymouse! Consider them our gift to you.

-A mouse gym (do these mice even lift, bro?)

-Mouse version of Chuck E Cheese, but the proprietor is a human (Jason Alexander.)

-Tiny golf course for the ‘Mousters,’ a mouse version of the Masters, obviously.

-Rat Batting Cage

-Squirrel storage (for nuts)

If the kind folks over at Anonymouse have any time left, maybe they can build a couple thousand life-size apartment buildings too. If you could build them over here in the good ole’ U S of A that would be splendid. Please and thank you!

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