This Small California Town Is So Desperate It’s Paying Tourists To Visit

by TheDuder95
santa maria

While it’s no secret that the pandemic has hurt many local economies, one California town is being frank about it. Unfortunately, it’s getting a little bit sad. The small locale of Santa Maria Valley, California is so desperate to attract visitors that its willing to pay potential tourists $100 to visit.

This is sort of like when your mom tries to bribe you to visit her by offering you a free home cooked meal. It’s like Mom sure we’ll come visit you but don’t make us feel weird about it.

Yikes…this California town is kind of sad, right?

The program, which will give tourists a $100 voucher to spend at the town’s many breweries, wineries, and restaurants, was started with the hope of combatting the economic downturn of the pandemic. Multiple shutdown orders across California have hurt the bottom lines of many of the town’s businesses. Things have gotten so bad that officials are now willingly open to bribing folks to stop by for a visit.

Officials in Santa Maria Valley released a really sad statement saying that their town was just as cool as other bigger cities. “Santa Maria Valley has so much to offer,” said Jennifer Harrison, noted sad sack and Director of the Santa Maria Valley Visitors Bureau. “We have beautiful beaches, hotels and wineries that are such a great option for budget-conscious travelers during a time of economic rebound.”

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Yeah okay sure. We believe you, Santa Maria Valley. Your beaches are probably amazing. We’ll come visit you soon. Just relax. Jesus!

While it’s certainly a noble effort to try and get folks to help struggling small businesses, bribing people to do it is maybe just a little bit sad. It’s basically like when you were younger you would go to that one annoying kid’s birthday party even though no one liked him. You weren’t actually friends with the kid. You were just there because his parents were rich and forked up the money for good catering.

We’re all for supporting local businesses, but don’t come off so desperate. It makes things awkward!