Who Wants To Rent This “Townhouse” That’s Clearly Just An Old Burger King?

by TheDuder95

[INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI] – Are you on the market for a new rental property? Looking to get a little bit more room and your own private space? Look no further than this recent Facebook Marketplace rental listing for a “townhouse” in Missouri that’s clearly just an old Burger King.

The incredible listing as posted on reddit

Damn. An entire house for $4,400 a month? Honestly seems like a lot. But if you’re dying to take on a bigger spot and don’t want to buy a house, this might do the trick.

The rental listing first appeared the other day on Facebook Marketplace with very few details as to why it was listed as a “townhouse.” While it’s safe to be that it was just a mistake by the poster, we can’t help but think it might be kind of cool to live inside an old Burger King.

Your new roommate. (Via Giphy)

What’s so special about this place?

The property boasts 3450 square feet of living space as well as 2 bathrooms. It also comes equipped with central air and heat, as well as multiple walk-in refrigerators. The post also lists parking as an amenity, but it’s unclear why someone would need 45 spaces to themselves. Guess that’s just an added perk!

The rental is located in Independence, Missouri which is just a short trip from Kansas City. Independence currently has a population of 117,084 but is known as the birthplace of one famous person in particular: 33rd U.S. President Harry S. Truman.

Damn. Those are just a few interesting facts about what could potentially be your new stomping grounds. Who wouldn’t want to come home to this every night?

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Your new digs! [PHOTO: Via Facebook]

Want the opportunity to call this great location your home? You better act now! The real estate market is especially hot right now. Any potential renter would be dumb to pass this opportunity up!

Just contact Vichea Panha on the listing if you are interested!