10 Dad Joke Puns To Brighten Your Day Up Real Nice

by Mad Dog

INTERNET — Everyone is going through it right now, big time. Which is why we at Men’s Humor think it is very important to take a little chuckle break every now and then. And there’s nothing that brings laughter to our lips like a good pun. Check out 10 of these dad joke puns below and tell us your fave!

1. Delighted

[Irina Blok]

Okay, this little guy is so damn cute. And also made us laugh. We hope you get better, bud. Keep on trucking, and we’ll keep on laughing!

2. Personal Growth

Personal Growth
[Irina Blok]

Hey, nothing wrong with a little pot belly in these strange and uncertain times. This guy has personal growth, and we at Men’s Humor have been having some similar growth of our own. Tummy team going strong!

3. Pointless!

[Irina Blok]

Cheer up little guy, you’re part of a hilarious meme page called Men’s Humor! Go pick up that little black tip and let’s keep on rocking and rolling all night long.

4. On A Roll!

On A Roll
[Irina Blok]

I’m on a roll, man! I’m on a roll, man! Everybody look at me cuz I’m standing on a roll! This is a reference to the hit parody song, I’m On A Boat. Check it out if you haven’t already seen for double the lulz.

5. Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch
[Irina Blok]

Okay this is definitely a bit creepy, but it’s still epic as all hell. We laughed a good amount at this and think you will too.

6. Lemonaid

[Irina Blok]

Haha! Enough said.

7. Pop Music

Pop Music
[Irina Blok]

This image conjures thoughts and feelings of the song Pop Goes The Weasel and we absolutely stan it.

8. Syncing

[Irina Blok]

This one is pretty self explanatory. But it’s also pretty epic. Epic indeed.

9. Half-Assed

[Irina Blok]

Oh man. This is too good. Never half-ass something. Look at this donkey, he’s got no behind. You crazy, boy!

10. Pineapple

[Irina Blok]

Alright, dad joke puns rock. Stay safe everyone, and keep on laughing!