10 Kids Behaving So Dumb You’ll Be Happy They’re Not Yours

by Mad Dog
kid sitting at table wearing hockey mask

INTERNET— Kids are downright stupid. But sometimes, their logic is actually pretty impressive. Maybe these little rats are actually geniuses in disguise. Check out these ten examples below to see exactly what we mean.

10. 6 Kids, 1 Bed

We Have 6 Beds And My Kids Still Sleep Like The Grandparents From Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Every Night
[Image via Bored Panda]

These kids apparently live in a house with 7 beds, but they are still sleeping like the grandparents in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory for some goddamn reason. Be lucky they do not belong to you.

9. Girl Was Scared About Show On Her iPad, So She Brought Out Some Headgear

My 4-Year-Old Daughter Was Watching Something On Her Tablet That Scared Her. So She Came Back With Protective Headgear
[Image via Bored Panda]

Christ. The iPad cannot hurt you, young one. Don’t you understand that it’s a screen, not real life? Idiot. Downright dunce.

8. The Human Swing

Why Go To Playground, When You Can Have Your Own Personal Customized Brother-Swing
[Image via Bored Panda]

Call child protective services so we can get this kid put into one of those X-Men like academies because he is clearly a mutant.

7. The Immortal Child

This Is How My Son Was Sleeping. He May Be Immortal
[Image via Bored Panda]

Think of stepping on a lego. Ouch! Now think of lying down on a TON of legos. What the fuck is wrong with this lad.

6. The Comfiest Chalk Pillow In The World

Imagination Level 100. My 2-Year-Old Daughter Drew A Pillow With Chalk, Then Laid Down For A Nap
[Image via Bored Panda]

This kid got tired on a walk and decided to draw his own pillow. Is this genius? No. He is laying on a sidewalk where birds probably took a piss earlier. Absolutely deranged behavior.

5. Kid Enjoying The Wedding

Asked My Sister If My Nephew Was Enjoying The Wedding. This Is The Picture She Sent Back
[Image via Bored Panda]

This kid is wearing a Jason mask at a goddamn wedding. Think of how you’re making the bride and groom feel, you selfish little twerp!

4. Idiotic Kid Makes A New Friend

Lost My Kid In Target. Found Him Here
[Image via Bored Panda]

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a dumbass kid holding hands with a mannequin like the mannequin is real. Shaking our damn heads at this one…

3. Kid Gets Sucked Into The Damn Couch

Walked In On My Son Watching TV Like This. Freaked Me Out For A Second
[Image via Bored Panda]

Get the hell out of there little boy! What in the world do you think you’re doing down there.

2. The Babysitter From Hell

This Is How My 2.5-Year-Old Niece Insists On Holding Her New Baby Brother
[Image via Bored Panda]

Well, that baby is certainly going to have some major issues growing up. Probably thinks its mom is a damn beast. Unbelievable…

1. This Dumb Kid Wanted To Be A Traffic Light

My Son Didn't Want To Be A Tiger Or A Superhero, He Wanted To Be A Traffic Light
[Image via Bored Panda]

A traffic light? Really? You could have been Spiderman, you fool.

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