11 Signs That Gotta Be Drunk Or On Drugs Or Mixed Up Their Medications (Make No Sense!)

by Tim K
Sonic sign

Signs. They’re at their best when they’re straightforward and right to the point… and these signs are NOT that. Now sit back and enjoy some signs that gotta be drunk or on drugs or having some kind of problem with their medication or something! Because they make ZERO sense!

Check Out These Signs That Gotta Be Drunk Or Something Below

1. “We Hire Corndogs. Lots Of Them.” Sure…

2. Yep. Yep.

Seriously. They must have known what they were doing.

Nobody puts something like this together without knowing.


3. Get Your Priorities Straight, Sign!

4. Now THIS Looks Like The Sign Is In Serious Medical Trouble

This name has really got to reconsider going with a nick-name.

5. ???

6. Okay… But You Said… Just… Tacos… You JUST Said That!

7. Scary!

8. True… Okay…

9. C’mon, Creek Sign… Come On.

10. Actually An Interesting Idea!


11. Yep. Yep.

So excited to eat typical food from that typical menu.

Unbelievable. Here’s to hoping these signs are just goofing around and not actually having a medical emergency!

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