12 Times People Only Had ONE JOB And Still Managed To Drop The Ball

by Tim K

Nobody wants to fail at their job. Each and every day, we all get up, go to work, and try our best. Sometimes, though, despite these efforts, you just have no choice but to take home a big fat L…

…But that’s not happening today! Instead, let’s take a look at these 12 hilarious times OTHER people had one job and still completely screwed the pooch.

Get A Load Of These Awesome “You Only Had One Job” Fails:

1. Guy Who Bombed Only Himself

Literally Your Last Job

Damn! We’re starting off with a dark one, but nevertheless, big-time fail!

2. The Opposite Happened! The Opposite!

That Wasn't Supposed To Happen

3. This Was A Very Unhelpful Box

No Wonder I Was Struggling...

4. Christmas Dongs! They’re Everywhere!

Got The Christmas Lights Up. They're... Candles. Yeah. Really

5. So Is There A Baby?… Or Maybe This Means It’s Something Else? Like, A Full-Grown Man?

I Am So Confused

6. Either A Huge FAIL Or A Kind Of Interesting-Sounding Rule That’s At Least Worth Trying Out!

Posted The Sign, Boss ...

7. Get This Mermaid Some Jeans… Right Now…

Apparently, Mermaids Have Butts

8. What Are You Getting At, Pal? Huh? You Sound Insane.

Visible Confusion

9. Dirt Lights, So Bugs Can See Real Good At Night

It Was Almost Fine

10. TFW You’re A Box-Maker And Just Found Out About Bikes In Your Mid-50s And Can’t Stop Thinking About Bikes

Finished Labeling The Package, Boss

11. Not Sure How This Would Stop Covid, But It Does Sound Fun!

To Fend Off Covid

12. “The Word ‘Mango’ Actually Means Several Things. One Of Those Things Is ‘Avacado.’

I’m Pretty Sure That’s An Avocado!

Hell yes. Did these epic fails make anyone ELSE feel better about their overall performance as a friend, son, and employee? Let us know in the comments!

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