13 Funny Pics of People Shooting Stuff Out Their Butt

by Stevie
two people shoot stuff out their butt

Looking for the historical record on this, but I suspect people have pretended to be shooting stuff out their butt since the dawn of mankind. Definitely need more grant money to continue my research.

Perhaps it is only with the invention of the photograph that this trend has really taken hold. WE must suspect that before cameras their were dudes in the 1800’s who were messing with perspective for this same reason.

“Stand right here. No wait. Get a little lower. Look! It looks like this is shooting out of my butt, right?”

You can see that conversation happening, right? Even 200 years ago. You have to think that Jesus walking around the desert for 3.5 years with his disciples had a least one time where Peter made some kind of joke involving something shooting our of his butt. It’s just older than time.

Now that we’ve got cameras in out pockets and the internet everywhere, this ancient phenomenon is finally being documented. Behold, the evidence…

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