13 Funny Tombstones For People Who Always Get The Last Laugh

by Gorman
funny tombstone

No one likes thinking about the day we meet our maker. For some of us, however, death provides just one more chance to strut our stuff. What is an epitaph, but another chance to flex writerly ability? Here are 13 funny tombstones that must belong to some pretty delightful people. We may not have known them in life, but we feel like we’re paling around with them in death

1. Turn On A Light

Find a Grave

As far as funny tombstone go, this one is a bit on the nose. We hope you found a light switch!

2. Famous Last Words


If you had believed her this would have never happened!

3. Mind Your Tongue, Edith!

Find a Grave

A foul mouth lady who brought that cursed tongue to the grave. What a woman!

4. Elegant


It’s funny and kind of beautiful Wish we could have hung out with the guy and talked shop over coffee.

5. Ouji



6. Voice Of A Generation

Jim Tipton 

The voice of Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck and may more characters that shaped our childhood. No more fitting a goodbye for the fellow.

7. Merv Griffin

 Brian Donnelly

The host with the most…amusing epitaph.

8. So Modest

Jennifer Heffernan

Billy Wilder is responsible for some of the most memorable lines in movie history. “When you’re in love with a married man, you shouldn’t wear mascara” from The Apartment is just one perfect line crafted. He saved the best for his very last though. That’s why he’s a legend.

9. Still Funny

Jennifer Heffernan

The king of one liners had one line left.

10. Recipe For Disaster


Pretty considerate to put your famous recipe on your tombstone. More people should help struggling chefs with this valuable real estate.

11. Golf Pro


Dads everywhere should take note! There is hope for you yet.

12. New Perspective


Hell of a broad, right here.

13. Nevermind


Kurt Cobain would be proud.

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