13 Hilarious Relationship Status Tweets That Even Single People Will Relate To

by Gorman

Being single is rough. Or it’s amazing! No matter what, we can all agree the pandemic has left us all a bit lonely and in need of solid relationships. Especially now that we’re entering year two of this mess. So folks took to Twitter to engage in a discourse on how much it has sucked by talking about their relationship status. It’s pretty much what you would expect. However, even though things could be better, it’s nice to know we’re not alone.

1. Seeing The World With Fresh Eyes

Sometimes finding a relationship is about being industrious.

2. Relationship Status? Bezos

As a matter of fact, we’re all in this very unhealthy thing with Amazon. Moreover, we don’t even know WHAT to call it. Hanging out?

3. Careful What You Wish For

Love is gross and awesome as well as fun.

4. Already Hitched

A perfect relationship

5. Sky’s The Limit


Finally, escape into a world of adventure and discovery and whatever else is happening here.

6. Puns

However, they are comfort for the soul

7. Opportunity Knocks

Fellas, this might be your chance to shine. There’s obviously a gap in the market!

8. Miscommunication

In conclusion, it’s been so long the poor dear doesn’t even know what two very simple words mean.

9. Berndoggy

Lol, this meme will last forever.

10. Vague

All right, but also ARE YOU IN A RELATIONSHIP OR NOT? Additionally, are you ok?

11. Crossing A Line

This is sad, but very accurate for many. Perhaps then, they have it all figured out?

12. Art

Filling the void with art is always a good idea. Then you can touch someone.

13. Cup Of Love

Also, this is the only relationship that will never let you down or die.

In conclusion, it’s good to see people have a sense of humor about this whole situation. It might not feel like it now, but things will return to a place where hooking up and finding love is possible again. However, until then, keep your relationships 6 ft apart. Again, we truly advocate social distancing practices and responsible mask wearing!

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