14 Hilariously Terrible Online Listings That We Will Respectfully Pass On!

by Tim K
dildo and tortillas

Successfully selling stuff online is a skill. It takes patience, fortitude, and an innate understanding of what people want and why they want it. Fortunately for those of us who like a good laugh, there are plenty of folks out there who DO NOT have these skills. Please enjoy these 14 wildly awful online listings that we 100% are gonna pass on, thanks!

Here’s Those 14 Next-Level Bad Online Listings We Were Telling You About:

1. Oh, yeah, no! Thanks.

2. Good news about Nan! No thanks, though.

3. Those look like bugs, William! No thanks.

4. Ah, cool, cool. We’ll pass, though!

5. Hope you’re okay!

6. We see that one cat! No thanks.

7. Keep working on your craft, man! We’re okay for now.

8. Gavin and Charlotte are two very specific names! Probably won’t find a couple named that.

9. No thanks!

10. Not that festive! No thanks!

11. Looks like you got yourself a cage down there! Why you got that? Anyways, no thanks!

12. No thanks! You look nice, though!

13. Nope!

14. Sure looks like a dildo! So, yeah, no thanks!

15. Too scary for us!

So yeah, no, not great, guys! Really, we’re all set! Thank you, though!

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