14 WTF Stock Photos That Reflect The Absurd, Terrifying Beast That Is The Human Mind

by Tim K

Stock photos have a pretty straightforward role in our society. If you need a picture to go with an article you’re publishing for commercial purposes or something, boom, that’s it, go ahead and find yourself a stock photo. It should be pretty much as cut-and-dry as it gets.

But, as we at Men’s Humor have just learned, regular-ass pictures of businessmen and race cars and coffee pots aren’t the only kinds of stock photos there are. Apparently, there’s an entire sub-genre of stock photos that seemingly only exist to reflect the most bizarre, terrifying aspects of the human mind right back at us.

14 Bizarre Stock Photos That Will Make You Wonder If Having A Human Brain Is Even Really A Good Thing:

1. Shrieking Old Woman Morphs Into Nightmarish Baby (Her Screen Becomes Paper, Her Clock Shrinks To Size Of Her Hand)

This Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable

2. Sneaky Woman Eats Huge Bowl Of COLD Crackers

Oh Damn You Caught Me Keeping A Bowl Of Crackers In The Fridge

3. Wife Upset Her Husband’s Shit Looks Uncomfortable

Trying To Tell Your Wife Her Cooking Is Crap

4. Tiny Man Teaches Italian To A Dorito

An Italian Having A Conversation With A Giant Nacho

5. Cold, Pregnant Lady Leaves Society Behind

I Think I’ll Go Snow Skiing In A Bikini; Ya Know, Since I’m Pregnant And All

6. Kermit Murders The Eggs He Laid

Kermit Sacrifices A Potato?

7. Pig-Man Is Born

Man With A Meat Loaf Mask Blended Into His Skin Or Whatever This Is

8. Woman And Gator Dance

Alligator Attacking Businesswoman In Office Cubicle

9. Mother’s Foreplay With Bigfoot Destroys Family

Forbidden Affair

10. Your Grandparents Look Like This In Heaven


11. Floating Hand Giveth Magical Treats

After Many Weeks Lurking, I Have Finally Found A Wtfstockphoto

12. Everything Is Nothing And Nothing Is Everything.

I Have No Idea What This Is Supposed To Represent

13. Woman Believes She Is Hiding

She Doesn’t Have A Spine

14. Alien Olive Branch

Ok, Love You Too

Yep, okay, sure. After looking at these photos, we have come to a conclusion: Having a human brain might just be a terrible curse!

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