17 Nostalgic Memes That’ll Transport You To A Better Time, A Simpler Time

by Tim K
Two Nostalgia memes

There’s no way around it: Times are tough right now. Amid all the craziness, wouldn’t it be nice to escape? Perhaps to a bygone era, when things were easier? When the stakes were lower? When we were all happier? If only we COULD transport to this better, safer time, even for just a few seconds… maybe by simply staring at our phones or computer screens… Could something like that be possible? If you read the headline of this article, you already know the answer is YES! These nostalgic memes will bring you back to those times, guaranteed.

Escape The Present Moment By Remembering About The Contents Of These 17 Nostalgic Memes:

Ugh… Didn’t that feel nice? We don’t know about you, but we’re gonna run it back and read this AGAIN because we LIKE being in the past! Goodbye!

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