16 Insanely Photoshopped Instagrams That Fooled No One

by Tim K

If you’re about to throw a photo of yourself up on social media, you might feel the urge to touch things up — just a bit! — here and there. “Who will even notice?” you might ask yourself. “This is exactly what I look like, basically.” These photoshopped Instagrams thought the same way.

We’re here to tell you that your idea is BAD and that EVERYONE will notice and laugh at you in an incredibly MEAN-SPIRITED way. So please, use these photos below as a lesson in what not to do!

Do Not Do Photoshops Like These. Don’t Do It!

1. Baby Teeth In Adult Mouth

One Of Those Whitening Ads Again

2. Looks Much More Bummed Out IRL!

Same Person - Instagram & Screenshot On Television

3. Too Smooth And Flat, Like A Big Piece Of Paper

Her Entire Profile Is Filled With These!

4. Cartoon Woman With Regular Red-Faced Man

Yup Nothing To See Here

5. Okay… This One’s Actually Kinda Badass!

This Edit Seems Off

6. Less Pixelated IRL. She Wants To Be More Pixelated, Seems Like

Her Ig Profile Picture vs. A Screencap Of The TV Show She's On

7. Smooth! Everyone’s Too Smooth!

This Guy's Instagram Is A Goldmine

8. Not Clear What’s Even Gained By Trying To Look Like This One!

Do Male Ig Models Count?

9. Phone Probably Isn’t All Curved Like That! We Know What You’re Doing!

The All New Curved Iphones

10. Thumb-Sized Waist

She Claims Her Body Is “Natural” And All “Genetics”

11. You Don’t Need The Photoshop! We Think You Look Nice Regular!

Found A Shape Shifter In The Wild

12. Perhaps Pointing At Boxes Makes Her Feel Young/Rejuvenated? We Doubt That A Lot!

Her Promo Pic On Social Media vs. Photo From Her Promo Event.

13. You’re All Over The Place, Buddy! If You’re Doing This, Just Pick One Person To Look Like!

His Instagram Pics Versus Real Life Video Screenshots

14. Okay… Here’s Another One We Actually Think Is Kinda Neat!

Jesus What Happened To Her

15. Why You Wanna Look More Like A Toddler? What’s Going On There?

Her Instagram vs. Her Youtube Channel

16. Okay… This One’s Rad Too! That Guy Looks Like A Heel Blister With Hair!

Every Single Picture Is Like This

Hope you all learned a thing or two from this list. Sure, some photoshops look kind of cool and charming in their own way (3 of them total out of 16), but we don’t like those odds! Better safe than sorry!

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