16 Memes From ‘The Sopranos’ That Are Perfect For Our Time

by TheDuder95

It’s no secret that the iconic HBO TV show The Sopranos has stood the test of time. Thanks to streaming platforms like HBO Max, people of all ages now have access to it. A resurgence in viewership has not only resulted in new Sopranos fans, but tons of incredible Sopranos memes.

Even though it debuted over 20 years ago, The Sopranos is ripe with incredible mem-eable moments that are perfect for our day and age. Here are some of our favorites.


Tony Soprano had a way of looking at life that still rings true today somehow.


Not gonna lie, @timeimmemorial_ is the GOAT when it comes to memes.


Every now and then a meme trend just randomly pops up. Carmela Soprano probably would have posed this question to herself a few times.


Something tells us Christopher Moltisanti would have called the coronavirus something else…




Told you the @timeimmemorial_ page was fire. This one is already viral.


meme - Face - *password incorrect* *password incorrect* Me: *adds new password *new password cannot be the same as the old password* Me: @sopranosgram
Via @sopranosgram

We can all relate to this.


meme - Photo caption - When your friends post compromising photos of you from your weekend of debauchery... @sopranosgram How come every piss i take is a fuckin' news story?
Via @sopranosgram

We all have those friends who get a little too sloppy with the IG Stories.


meme - Adaptation - Find someone who loves you like Tony Soprano Ioves ducks @sopranosgram
Via @sopranosgram

We could all use a little bit more love these days.


No spoilers here. Just good old fashioned meme fun.



It’s almost too perfect. We rate this meme a 10 out of 10. Even though Adriana’s friend came onto Christopher first.


Knicks fans can use this out of context meme just about every night.


meme - Face - You don't deserve me at my If you can't love me at my @sopranosgram

Paulie Walnuts really captures our emotions, doesn’t he?


meme - Text - Dating in Dating in your 30's your 20's @sopranosgram There's no scraps Me... my heart is an open book. in my scrapbook
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Too real.


No one cares about your Spotify Wrapped results. This meme puts that feeling a little more harshly.


meme - Human - You Vs. the guy she told you not to worry about @sopranosgram
Via @sopranosgram

Once again, Carmela Soprano might have some thoughts on this.

Even if you’ve never seen The Sopranos, you’ll probably relate to some of these memes. The iconic mobster show had a way with capturing emotions that nothing has been able to top. That’s what makes it so good.

If you haven’t started watching it yet, what are you waiting for?