16 People Who Thought They Were Being Cheap But Are Just Straight-Up Thieves

by Tim K

In this life, we can’t always have everything we want. Whether it’s money or expensive things or nice meals, there’s always gonna come a time when you have to go the CHEAP route. Take the bus, cook at home, settle for clothes at Marshall’s. It’s all perfectly fine, totally expected for everyone… Unless you’re one of these folks below, who thought they were being savvy but are actually just straight-up criminals who belong in prison for stealing. That’s right. Thieves.

Check Out The Examples Of Obvious Theft Below! (Send Them To Jail! Cops! Cops! Cops!)

Unreal. We are seething right now! Damn!!! Men’s Humories, you know what to do: Dial 9-1-1 and tell the cops about Menshumor.com. Get the cops to visit our site REGULARLY so we can drive up some ad revenue etc., and THEN ask the cops to arrest these pieces of shit thieves! Cops, cops, cops, cops, cops. Get off your asses and DO SOMETHING! What are you waiting for?! Thieves are stealing so much, and quite literally, all the time. Alright. That’s it for us. Talk soon. Thank you! Goodbye.

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