11 Rube Goldberg Machines That Are Perfect For Killing A Lot Of Time

by Gorman

Ever since we watched PeeWee’s Big Adventure and first saw that breakfast machine, we’ve been fascinated with Rube Goldberg machines. The cool thing is, it’s pretty much doable for everyone depending on how much time you have to kill! The only limitations are your imagination and the amount of junk you have lying around the house.

Holiday Themed

This record breaking machine makes long work of a simple task, but damn is it satisfying to watch. If you want to make an equally enormous Rube Goldberg machine yourself, it looks like all you have to do is raid a junk yard and find an abandoned mall to let your machine run wild. When all is said and done, the contraption lights up a glorious Christmas Tree. Well worth the wait!

Oh MythBusters. You are truly our childhood brains run amok in adult form. This Rube Goldberg machine is also Christmas themed, which begs the question- why are we all so lazy on Christmas?

Rube Goldberg Machines For Basketball Lovers

This Rube Goldberg machine is truly for those young at heart and young in general. Legos are the best- probably the greatest toy of all time. And they’re perfect for the creative youngster eager to waste days on a machine that moves tiny basketballs around. If you like basketball and or soccer, you’re really gonna love this one (there’s a little basketball/soccer train too!)

If you’re a parent frequently left in charge of cleaning these things up, however, you might want to skip this one.

We can’t help it= we’re just crazy about basketball themed machines! Not exactly a three pointer, and certainly not a dunk, but we’ll reward an honorary point for creativity.

Nickelodeon Worthy Rube Goldberg Machine

This Rube Goldberg machine combines the inventions of 60 different kids invention ideas. This one has some serious Nickelodeon vibes. We wish school had been this fun! And what does this machine do? Something very silly.

Bonus, there are basketballs in this one too.

For Everyday Chores

Let’s face it, these days we all have to find ways to make the mundane feel a little more scintillating. Turn watering the plants into an epic event with this Rube Goldberg machine!

It’s hard to find time to read, but this Rube Goldberg machine could turn it into game. Simply set it off and race against the clock to finish the page before the laws of physics turns the page. Speed reading has never been more fun (and messy)

Rube Goldberg machines don’t have to be the most complicated or impressive or inane thing you’ve ever seen. This one is quite simple and proves the expression “if at first you don’t succeed try, try, again.”

Here are a few more incredible contraptions. Rube would be proud.

For The Sophisticate

Music lovers, rejoice! This Rube Goldberg machine is a symphony of sound and motion. Tchaikovsky would be proud.

A Few More Extravagant Example

After these you’ll be inspired to go forth and create absurd machines of your own. Godspeed!

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